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To prepare for our cold water swimming lessons, we recommend acclimatising. 
Our bodies react and we can behave quite differently in cold water.
So we suggest you build up your resistance by getting accustomed to the Lido, at least twice beforehand, for at least 5 minutes each time getting fully submerged.

This practice can enable us to reduce cold shock by 50%.
We want you to get the most out of your lessons and be able to stay in for as long as possible.


Please organise your eating times well, Make sure you have had a decent meal before your lesson but no closer than 30 minutes before so your stomach is settled to exercise and body is well fuelled ready to deal with the cold elements.
We will burn extra energy in the cold whilst exercising.

The Lido has lovely hot showers for you to use afterwards, and layer up your clothing ready to adjust.
Bring a snack and a warm drink for after your lesson on cooler days.
There is also a Cafe on site.


We need to dress appropriately in and out of the water according to the weather. 


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