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Our  5 Day Courses

Are for children aged 6-16

There is a potential for 30 minutes together in the water.

Cold water tolerance is personal to each individual, it is not a comp
etitive factor, if your child needs to vacate the water, leaving the lesson short, due to the affects from the cold water, this is totally acceptable and part of the experience. We encourage to push past the comfort zones, but we are also responsible for their welfare. 

minimum of 2 children per course are necessary for it to commence or it will be cancelled 72hrs before start date.


Lido Summer Swim School offers a great experience for your children to gain an extra skill by learning  to swim in cold water.
With our experienced instructors, your children will achieve the fundamentals of swimming in a safe, fun encouraging environment.



Lido Summer Swim School is the perfect place, to fast track your swimming abilities in cold water!
The 5 day intensive course offers the opportunity to learn fast and develop new skills, stamina and fitness, whilst they learn and play with us!

Swimming Victory


Come join us at Lido Summer Swim School, to fine tune your swim style and form.
Through this course, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. 

Undewater Swimmer

Competence Requirements

Beginner's need  to have some acclimatisation practice before commencing the course.
non-swimmers and those that can travel a short distance (eg. 5m) in shallow waters. 

Improvers' need to be acclimatised and able to swim 25m with their faces in the water. With basic knowledge of breast stroke, backstroke, and front crawl.

Advanced swimmers need to be acclimatised, can swim 50m confidently and have good knowledge of all 4 strokes.

Parents/Carers are expected to remain on poolside during the duration of the lesson.
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